Press Releases June 26, 2024

Sirius International Holding acquires Derby Group in strategic expansion move to support global digitalization.

Sirius will combine the diversified businesses of Derby Group, laying the ground for further business and market expansion opportunities.

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 26 June 2024: Sirius International Holding (Sirius), a subsidiary of International Holding Company (IHC), has acquired Derby Group, a diversified UAE-based business group, to support with its focus on digital integrations and implementations and scaling digital solutions globally. This acquisition marks a significant step in the firm’s commitment to prioritizing digital transformation across various sectors.

Established in 1995, Derby Group is a business solutions provider headquartered in the UAE. As the preferred partner to many of the major corporate, government and semi-government entities in the country, Derby plays a prominent role in staff outsourcing, deploying over 5,000 skilled white-collar employees across the banking, financial services, and government sectors. Additionally, Derby Group has built a significant presence in sales outsourcing in the region with a robust team that covers diverse financial and telecom products. Derby also plays a crucial role in delivering comprehensive support and enhancing performance for Sirius’s government-focused subsidiaries.

The move enables Sirius to strengthen its portfolio across several new business areas, laying the ground for further market and business expansion opportunities. Through the integration of Derby’s resources, Sirius will deepen its capabilities across its subsidiaries involved in delivering digital and governmental transformation globally. The company will also enhance its efforts in strategic areas and solutions supported by AI, blockchain, and other digital innovations for governmental projects. Additionally, Derby’s comprehensive services and infrastructure will improve Sirius’s operational efficiency and service quality.

Ajay Bhatia, Chief Executive Officer at Sirius International Holding, says: “Welcoming Derby Group to our portfolio represents another milestone that enables us to push swiftly forward with our growth ambitions. By integrating the diverse and successful businesses of Derby Group, we bring further depth, expertise, and capability to our portfolio, ultimately strengthening our diverse platform and positioning us to unlock further possibilities. We will continue to explore collaborations and market expansion that we know will foster innovation, create synergies, and drive positive change whenever and wherever we operate in our digitalization efforts globally.”

The Derby Group acquisition follows a series of recent collaborations and expansion exercises by Sirius positioning it as a leading player in technology and digital transformation sector with a growing global footprint.

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