• Esyasoft Esyasoft stands at the forefront of Smart Grid technology with a comprehensive array of engineering, manufacturing, IT, analytics, products, and solutions. We excel in providing an integrated array of smart utility solutions including Smart Meters, EV Charging Infrastructure, Battery Storage, and advanced software development paired with insightful analytics.

  • Guardtime Guardtime has been active in the research and development of blockchain protocols and applications for over 10 years, built and deployed enterprise applications of blockchain technology that are used in production by some of the most demanding clients on earth. Guardtime is one of the leading contributors to the Alphabill public chain, a public chain that enables tokens to minted on- chain and subsequently used in the real-world, off-chain and even offline.

  • Coredge Coredge is building a revolutionary cloud and edge platform to address the orchestration and management requirements driven by new-age applications/use cases that requires low latency and hyper-automated delivery.

  • Derby Group Derby Group, established in 1995 and headquartered in the UAE, has evolved into a flourishing business entity, encompassing a diverse portfolio that spans over 8 key sectors. With a reputation for excellence, the group has become a stalwart in Outsourcing, Debt Collection, Banking Sales, and Business Process Outsourcing –BPO-, boasting a workforce of over 7,000 dedicated employees.

  • Bayanat Engineering Bayanat Engineering is a powerhouse in the airport and seaport industry, boasting extensive expertise and a proven track record of success. Our mission is clear: to modernize critical civil and defence air and sea infrastructures with smart and sustainable solutions, to keep pace with the ever-growing demands of these industries.

  • Oxinus Holdings Emerging from Abu Dhabi's dynamic tech landscape, Oxinus Holdings creates and develops transformative digital solutions for governments and businesses. With a mission to harness technology for real-world challenges, we prioritize genuine governance and business needs, ensuring our products resonate with the end-users. Our commitment is to excellence, user-centric design, and new approaches that can set us apart in the tech industry.

  • CyberGate CyberGate is an Emirati establishment founded to provide cyber security services that would improve the overarching cyber security posture of governments and organizations. CyberGate possesses the in-house depth and breadth of information and cyber security expertise required to respond to the most complex security challenges related to both information and operations.

  • New Emerging Technologies New Emerging Technologies provides a full scope of ability to process any big data and provide real time visibility and insights tailored to the Government’s needs, offering AI-powered analytics and dashboards that do the heavy lifting of sifting through vast amounts of data for you. This smart assistant that highlights exactly what's important, highlight suspect behaviors, trends and patterns, without you having to dig for them.

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