Press Releases December 13, 2023

Sirius International Holding Addresses Global Water Crisis with a Strategic Investment in Botanical Water Technologies

This partnership aims to create new sources of drinking water, replenish aquifers, and bring relief to water- scarce regions in developing countries.

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 13th December 2023: In a strategic move to combat global water scarcity, Sirius International Holding (Sirius), a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi based IHC (ADX:IHC), has invested in Botanical Water Technologies (BWT). This partnership aims to create new sources of drinking water, replenish aquifers, and bring relief to water- scarce regions in developing countries.

With the establishment of Smart Sustainability Solutions (S3), Sirius’ end-to-end large scale industrial climate company is focusing on four key facets of the climate change landscape: Methane, Carbon, Circular Economy, and Water Scarcity and Efficiency. This strategic investment in BWT is a key steppingstone in S3’s mission to optimize water quality and usage. Together, we aim to sustainably reclaim untapped water sources.

BWT utilizes their innovative solution to create the world’s first plant-sourced pure water by harvesting water from plants. Their patented innovation collects and treats the evaporative condensate created from fruit and vegetable concentrate facilities and sugar mills; a significant amount that would have otherwise been discarded. BWT, with initial focus on India and USA is revolutionizing existing infrastructure to create the world’s most sustainable drinking water.

BWT’s technology now saves lives worldwide, from drought-stricken regions to underserved areas, combating water scarcity, offering sustainable, drinkable water for social and environmental initiatives. BWT encapsulates its unique and impactful process in three simple words: “We Grow Water”.

Within BWT’s ecosystem is the Botanical Water Exchange (BWX), an award-winning global water trading platform developed with Fujitsu, that facilitates the connection of buyers and sellers in a seamless, transparent, and efficient trading of drinking water and Water Impact Credits. Companies can purchase Water Impact Credits to offset their water usage, this helps reduce their environmental impact and meet their sustainability goals. Complementing this, the Botanical Water Foundation (BWF) has been established with the mission of providing an efficient method for delivering drinking water to those in critical need.

S3 and BWT are committed to addressing water scarcity and contamination challenges through global partnerships, technological advancements, and humanitarian initiatives. Botanical Water Technologies’ goal is to deliver clean and safe drinking water and positively impact 100 million of the world’s most vulnerable people.

As the population grows and climate change intensifies, S3 is dedicated to finding innovative solutions to improve water efficiency and address water scarcity. Our investment in Botanical Water Technologies enables us to harness their expertise and expand our reach, making a tangible difference worldwide,” said Ajay Bhatia, CEO of Sirius International Holding.

Water-related diseases tragically claim over 3.5 million lives annually, highlighting the urgent need for global collaboration. Water’s impact is felt locally, yet solving it necessitates global partnerships. Our partnership with Sirius International Holding represents a united front against the world water crisis, driving sustainable change in vulnerable communities and positively impacting millions of lives,” said Terry Paule, Founder & CEO of Botanical Water Technologies.




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